Q: How much spacing is needed between appointments and any other precautions 

A: I typically allow about 5-10 minutes for each person. I will take a little more time with people who are anxious about having their picture taken (as long as it takes). 

Q: Guidelines for clothing colors, patterns, etc. 

A: I recommend solid colors, and not white. Larger patterns will work, but checks and other tiny patterns sometimes look zig-zaggy on camera. Nothing fussy around the neck. Simple jewelry is fine, but larger pieces can overpower the picture. Be sure clothing is pressed and in good shape. 


Q: What is included with retouching?

A: Under-eye, shine/oily skin, soften lines/wrinkles, blemishes, stained teeth, etc. If people have specific requests, I can usually accommodate them. 

Q: Can you bring your mobile setup to my office?

A: I will need a minimum of 8' x 8' to set up my equipment and a nearby electrical outlet. Also, a chair or stool with no back would be great.  


Q: Do I need to bring my own outfits, or do you have clothes in the studio? 

A: While I do have some items in my pinup & lingerie arsenal (mostly small/medium), I encourage you to try to find your own items.  Check the back of your closet and lingerie drawer for things that make you feel sexy, cute, fun, flirty, naughty… whatever.  Bring as much stuff as you want – the more, the better.  If you come up empty-handed, no worries - we’ll hook you up. 

Q: How long will the shoot take?

A: Makeup & hair service can take between 90 minutes to 2 ½ hours, depending on what style you’re after and what type of hair you have. Some shoots can last several hours, depending on how much studio time you’ve paid for.  If you have booked a Pinup Party, expect to spend most of the day with us.  Feel free to bring cocktails and snacks – this is a party, after all!

Q: Can I bring an escort/friend?

A: No problem!  We want you to be as comfortable as possible. I only ask that they are not disruptive. (Please do not bring small children or animals unless we have a prior arrangement.)

Q: Will I be able to get professional prints from my shoot?
A: Yes! A Print Release form will be sent along with your retouched images. If you choose to use a photo lab, you should take this form with you to prove you have the print rights for the photos.

Q: What size are the retouched images?

A: Typically, retouched images are 300dpi (high-resolution, print quality) and range from 8” x 10” to 8” x 12”.  If you would like larger sizes for specific images, please be sure to specify that when you send me your retouch order.

Q: Do you do TF* (model portfolio) shoots?

A: I am not currently booking TF* shoots, but if/when I have a specific need, I will post a casting call on Facebook and/or Model Mayhem.  So keep your eyes peeled.

Other Helpful Tips:

- If you are having hair & makeup service, please come with a clean face and 1-day dirty hair (if possible).  Feel free to bring your own makeup.

- Let me know ahead of time what style you want to shoot and what you expect (pinup, boudoir, nudes, etc.). This way I can be more prepared for you. If you have seen a pose in a magazine or photo that you would like to try, bring it with you or e-mail it to me prior to your shoot.

- Practice your poses in the mirror.  Sounds silly, but it really does help.

- Clean & groom fingernails & toenails. Please either paint your nails or don’t.  Remove any chipped polish.

- Remove all facial, leg and under arm hair 1 day prior to your shoot.

- Stay out of the sun and the tanning salons, especially if you are doing a pinup shoot. Do not use self tanner!

- Get plenty of sleep the night before. Refrain from indulging in alcohol and other influential substances; it does show on your face. Eat a good meal prior to your shoot, and feel free to bring snacks.


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